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What's The story?

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More importantly, Who's behind the H&H Story?

I'm Kay.I AM PURE, I AM POWERFULL, I AM FREE. Naturally it's only right that my brand reflects that. I am a natural born leader and independent woman born in BDA. My journey as an entrepreneur was inspired by my mi madre when I was about 11 years old. She signed me up for "Buiz Camp" one summer which helped me realize the importance of business to our community. 

Fast forward a few years- what originally started as a few DIY home experiments later blossomed into what you see today. His N' Hers Hair & Beauty was born in 11/17 for one main reason; I needed to find healthier alternatives to my everyday essentials after my aunt passed from breast cancer. Long story short, I remember there being scandals around the main products I was using for my hair and skin at the time. Of course, after my aunt passed I was much more conscious of the chemicals that were in everyday products. That resulted in me doing loads of research 

on high quality,100% natural products that were both easy to read and pronounce. 

Why His N' Hers? I wanted to create a brand that represents everyone's needs. Also, I saw that there isn't as much representation for men in the hair and beauty industry and I wanted to bridge that gap. 

Since launching in 2017, I have been blessed enough to win a trip to Brooklyn to share my products at the Brooklyn Commons Driven Society Market. I also won the BEDC 2018 Summer Student Entrepreneur Program, + with the BEDC 2019 People's Choice Award. A recent accomplishment was graduating from the Ignite Bermuda business program where I was given the opportunity to truly grow as a business owner. 

I am thankfull that you are able to watch my journey as an entrepreneur. All of my products are hand made with love, crystal energy, and good intentions; my way of spreading the love I want to see in the World. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

With love, 

Kayuntae Ming

Owner/ Manager

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