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Our very first campaign highlighting our favorite ingredient -

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No moisturizer? NO Problem! Our Crystal infused Body Oils are here for you. 

Available in the same scents as our moisturizers, you can't go wrong adding these to your cart!

H&H takes pride in its recycling initiative. We offer 15% off for recycling your jar with your next purchase. Simply select the size bottle or jar you'd like to recycle + refill. 

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Our favorites...Soon to be yours

HNH Shea Butter Moisturizers.JPG

Did someone say coffee?

It doesn't get any better than this. Our Coffee Infused Butter is THE most versatile product we have to offer. Unlike our other moisturizers, this is a moisturizing scrub which should be washed off after each use. It smells amazing, feels amazing, and  simply works wonders. 

Shea's safe for kids (and ya nana and ya uncle at the cookout).

Our Shea butter moisturizers are highly beneficial for both the hair and skin. They all offer different benefits specific to your individual needs. Did we mention they are handmade with love?


Naturally, we want the best for you -That's why we created these multipurpose, effective products with ingredients your 5 year old cousin can read (once translated).

Check out what others are saying about them:

"This is my FAVORITE thing to use for my eczema. My skin isn't as dry and it hasn't been as itchy!" 

"I put a little bit on before bed and WOW...I slept SO MUCH BETTER than I usually do."

"I just wanted to let you know that the Coffee Infused Butter is so gooooooooood! I'm so amazed by how clear my face is beginning to get already! The Shea, Lemon, N' Honey Moisturizer is the bombbbbbbb; it leaves my skin feeling soft, nice and refreshed!"  

"I use your lip balm every morning. I honestly love it because it HYDRATES quickly and I think the smell is AMAZING - Peppermint. And it shines great. Most important: NOT STICKY! So when I wear my mask over it, it's not annoyingly sticking to my face. Highly recommend." 

"I have a beard by the way...a FULL GROWN beard. S/O

His N' Hers Hair & Beauty. 

"This is THE BEST exfoliatior I have ever used!"

"If you want your hair to THANK YOU later, I suggest you go over to His N' Hers Hair & Beauty and go pick up the Tea Tree N' Peppermint Hair & Beard Oil. It's been good to my beard."

"The moisturizer is IMPECCABLE! Ever since I incorporated it into my daily skin care routine I have SEEN RESULTS! Skin is GLOWING on a daily and I have gotten compliments about it!!!"

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